Analog Alarm Clock

This is an analog alarm clock program complete with a snooze function. You can set many parameters - double tap to hide and show the parameter panel. The alarm clock can be turned on and off from here, as well as the length of time the snooze will last. Swipe the screen to turn on snooze while the alarm is ringing. If you don’t like the alarm sound, it can easily be changed within the editor.
–Bob Tedesco Jr

Code insertion did not work – too long – will try to find another way to post. – Bob

Hi @Greycheek I am looking forward to seeing your Analog Alarm Clock and code. Actually, I am creating a LED board that can display a series of words, touch to draw and also can display Digital Clock like the below video.

However, I do not finish because I am woking to make the transition of moving the series of words.

The code is on at the following address:

There are five tabs worth of code… Comments welcome.

@Greycheek Thank you for your code. I like it. It looks like a modern clock. It also can change both background color and clock color. Nice. You have many On/Off parameters.
I created On/Off button. You can use the button if you want. Here is the link

Thanks for very much for the button code. If I get it working, I’ll post revised code for the clock.

ive found that the analog clock does not work and i copied and pasted it exactly as shown above and it does not work

@Ray_Spahn Probably because this is from 2012, a lot of things have changed. Please look at the date of posts you find through Google searches (the search tends to bring up old things) before you bump old discussions to the very top.