AlbiJump - a LUA Jump clone with extended features

I used my initial enthusiasm with Codea to code an extended version of the LuaJump example. Now, I’m a bit tired playing around and offer the far from perfect code for everybody to try. This way I learned some LUA, which is maybe helpful to me, as our department uses LUA as a scripting language for a software tool. On the other side, I had to notice that I apparently do not understand some basic things, e.g. calling functions with parameters didn’t work as I expected them to do. Myself, I am an interested but really not an educated coder. With this restriction in mind, you may have a look here:

  • absche -

Do you have a recommended app to open the .archive in? Also, does it require custom sprites as well?

@Ipda41001 - WinZip is the best free one that is well organized. I could go on forever with file system apps. I own 11.

I used 7zip to make the archives but employed the standard zip format. Thus every “unzipper” will do. There is also a zipped folder with about 20 custom sprites.

There is a bug where you can’t see the clouds or monsters only the player and the background FIx this please