Air Code - returning to play

@jfperusse - just starting to get back into Codea and Aircode after a short layoff.
Noticed your updates on VSC but I found an error on v1.2.5 (the version I just loaded) stating that the extension has been disabled etc etc.

Haven’t pursued it further thought I’d better check base with you first.

Judging by the Details section you have made quite a few updates to the documentation.

Hi @Bri_G,

Which version of Codea are you using?

Also, could you please share the exact error message and screenshots if possible?

Thank you,

Also, if you’ve disabled the extension in VSCode by mistake, please refer to the VSCode documentation to re-enable it: Managing Extensions in Visual Studio Code


@jfperusse - reloaded VSC today and the message at the top said enabled - I have not changed anything myself.

An image of that screen attached - the disabled massage I saw has been replaced just below and to the right of the Large Aircode icon at the top where a new message reads ‘This extension is enabled globally.

Have dowloaded the docs and will read through them.

Thanks again

Edit : running latest beta. 3.91(422).

I hope it’s not annoying to chime in here with ‘AirCode is great!’

AirCode is great!

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