Additional Kenney Asset Packs on WebRepo

Hi All,

If anyone has been using WebRepo over the last couple of days you may have noticed a few new ‘Bundle’ projects appearing.

I’m currently in the process of adding additional Kenney Asset Packs in the form of Bundle projects so users can easily find extra assets for whatever style of game they may be working on. So far I’ve added an additional 14 asset packs and will continue to add them.

To take a look, simply type Asset Pack in WebRepo’s search bar and the new packs should be displayed.

The downloaded asset packs should then be accessible using the usual asset keys, E.g. asset.documents.Micro_Roguelike.tile_0001 and will appear in Codea’s Assets screen.

As these are ‘bundle’ projects they cannot be deleted by WebRepo itself.

I hope this is a welcome addition and helps a few people :smile:


These are really cool.

Any chance he has any 3D cars up?

The built-in Codea asset packs include everything you need to make a racetrack except the cars.

@UberGoober Looks like it:

It looks like the same one bundled with Codea but with a few extra assets. I’ll take a look at it later :smile:

You’re right! Cars cars cars!

@UberGoober - if you are just playing around try downloading one of the untextured cars from a model library on the net.

One possibility

@Bri_G naw naw naw, the whole point is Kenney cars to go with Kenney tracks.

All 2D ‘Kenney’ asset packs should now be available on WebRepo :smile:

The asset names inside the packs may be a little janky and for that I apologise, they should be clear but may have repetitions. I’ve done my best with the automated script I used to generate the names but they’re not perfect.

3D Assets are next assuming I can figure out the texturing issue.