Add and view assets of the current project.

Hi there.

How to view and add assets to the current project?
For example: 3D Model for Craft.

There is no button to view the assets inside the project. Only add File / Class and Dependencies. Also Close abd Run.
And if you don’t write the word „sprite()“ and clicked to the brackets, there is no way to view abd add assets.

I want to add type neutral assets (files) without a specific type like image or sound.
But for first I want to know, how to add a custom 3D Model to the Project.

saveImage(key, data) for 2D Assets.

Use the asset browser provided by Codea. In the project browser (the main area outside of projects), tap on the arrow in the top-left corner. A sidebar will appear revealing several options. Choose the asset browser.

@em2 unfortunately the main asset browser does not show assets for your own projects (just Documents and Dropbox folders). We need to re-design this.

I think the most recent project shows up in it.

I just wanted to say: Show the same popover for project assets as I clicked on the editor „sprite(…)“ or „sound(…)“ but via a button. So you do not need to write e.g. „sprite()“ to have access to the project assets.

View all assets regardless of their types. Also be able to add, edit (name) and remove assets.
For example, add 3d models. Currently I have no idea how to add 3d models to my project of craft module.