Access to my Codea projects

This is a minor thing, but when I have projects within the Codea app, I’m wondering

  • Can I structure the interface? There are sections like “Examples” and “Craft”, but all I do ends up in the list on the top. I would like to be able to group things here myself.

  • Can I create a “link” to one of my projects on the iPad screen? I.e. instead of opening Codea, loading the Project, then running it, I would like to “drag/create” the project shortcut icon directly on the iPad desktop and tapping it would just “run” the thing.

@Bejoscha I think you can create different sections if you use the Files app. I believe @Bri_G does a lot with the Files app and Codea.

Right now you can only run a Codea project thru Codea. It would be nice if there was a Codea runtime where you could run Codea code without the Codea editor. That way if your wanted your friends to run something you wrote and they didn’t care anything about programming, they could run a copy of your project without having to have the editor or go thru the App Store.

@dave1707 While I agree that “stand alone apps” would be the next step upwards, I was actually not looking for something as complicated. I’m fine with the code only been run “through” Codea, but I want to be able to have desktop-shortcuts which essentially start Codea, load the project, run the project at one click.

As for the Files app, I’ll possibly need to look into. The suggestion though is, that the Codea UI should have this possibility.

@Bejoscha - you can organise your assets by using collections. You need to get to the main Codea root file from the file app (this is actually represented as Documents in the Codea assets link. Make a folder for a game with file type .collection say pong.collection and place your files in there using the file app. You can then see a text list below the project icon list on the Codea projects window tapping on them shows you each collection. Not ideal but allows me to reduce the clutter on my projects window.

On the running from a link, if you open the file app and tap on one of the projects there it will open Codea an load that project - again not ideal but it works.

@Bejoscha just an update on what Bri_G instructed above

You can add folders in the Codea documents folder using the Files app and Codea will show these as collections in the UI. However they no longer need to have the extension .collection. You will see the Examples and Craft folder there. Just create your own folders alongside those and Codea will show them as collapsible sections in its UI.

Good suggestion on running projects immediately. This might be possible through a custom URL that could be saved to the home screen

@Bri_G , @Simeon: Thanks, that helps a lot. I’m just getting on my feed using the iPad for anything more “real” than watching videos or playing Candycrush on, I guess :wink: