About refences

Can you guys explain these refences? I couldn’t find anywhere. Thank you!

:confused: huh?

I have programming experience. I started codea yesterday. I watched some tutorials and i have decided to read all the refences. There are 335 topics :stuck_out_tongue: and i found these. I think some of them are fuctions some of them classes idk. What are these pictures (im also learning english. I tried my best :blush: )

@Ignatz they’re the icons in the Codea reference.

T is Type
m: is method
f is function
= are system-defined variables.
? is general discussion of a section

For example:

  • An example of a type is color. You create instances of a type through assignment/ instantiation. eg This creates an instance of color which I’ve chosen to name brightRed:

brightRed = color(255,0,0)

  • Functions are various commands associated with that type, eg stroke, fill etc. I can use the brightRed I just instantiated with these commands. eg to set the line colour to bright red:


  • A method is a kind of function that belongs to a given type and is applied to an instance of that type, using Lua’s colon notation. That’s why it’s m: m colon. eg, the methods for color are :blend and :mix. Here I apply the blend method to the brightRed instance I created earlier:
brightBlue = color(0,0,255)
purple = brightRed:blend(brightBlue)
  • System-defined variables. If they’re ALL CAPS they’re constant (or relatively constant. WIDTH and HEIGHT change when orientation changes)

I understand now. Thank you so much :slight_smile: