a simple question about craft

hi , as just start using Codea. here is a simple question about the new craft .

is it possible to study craft directly ? I mean, need not learn 3d mesh ,shader etc .

sorry that I know there is an official course of craft but I cannot find the link. . any one help to give the link?

thanks so much.

@totorofat You can use Craft without knowing anything about meshes, shaders, etc. Basically, Craft is an easy way to create/use 3D objects. Unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot of information about Craft that I know of except what is provided by Codea with the built in reference. Hopefully, a lot more information will be provided in the future and once everything settles down more examples to learn from will start showing up in discussions. One thing about Codea, there’s always more to learn so you never get bored with it. I’ve been using Codea for over 5 years and there’s still a lot of things I don’t know about.

@totorofat @dave1707 I’m working towards making a manual for Craft that will contain more detailed information on each feature. Aside from that I also want to make some in-depth tutorials / videos to help people learn some of the more advanced features as well as the basics.

@dave1707@John thanks for anwser . then it is good to start learning. same as starting learning Codea as before.