A new UI called GritUI for Codea

I am from China and these days I’m working on GritUI.
It has buttons, windows, sliders and switches.
There is a feature that if there is a new version, you can see and download the new code quickly in the program.
Hope you can try it!
(I don’t do quite well in English so maybe there are some grammar mistakes:(
You can download it when running this code:

function setup()
print(“Thanks for trying GritUI. I’m sorry that the GritUI has a little Chinese words, I will translate soon:)”)
print(“Downloading the code…”)
function didGetData(data)
print(“Copied to the pasteboard.”)
function fail()
print(“Failed. Please check the connection of Internet and try again.”)

Really not bad. But I can’t use it in my games. It doesn’t fit for making games

Very good.

I quite like it

@SoulWINTER I gotta be honest, that is a great piece of work, I can clean up the code a lot, but it looks very appealing for an informational app, looks sort of like google translate, good job

What does the GRIT mean:

@CamelCoder thanks. I’m doing something on it, maybe you will be able to use it more easily:)

@DayLightTimer Yeph… In fact I think it can be used on some easy games because of its concise design.

@SoulWINTER Maybe… Some light games may use it.

WoW, guess who i’m I?

Here’s a English updated version, All credit goes to SOULWINTER

where is the english version? above url gives 404