A Hidden Zip File

I tried to import a very large zipped project with many assets in it, but I got an error, saying “Unavailable for import (restricted)”. Now, it seems like the zip file I imported is still there, because Codea now takes up so much more space.
A screenshot of the error is below. How can I remove that zip file?
Edit: The newest update of Codea allows for project import, so this is not a problem anymore

@em2 Assets can be imported, but some other things can’t. Harvest is a project and you’re being told it can’t be imported, which is correct. I believe the size increase in Codea is because of the imported assets and not the Harvest project.

@em2 I think Codea “receives” these files into an inbox folder, and then unzips them to the /tmp folder internally. iOS should clear the tmp folder automatically once your device is low on space, but I can put code to automatically clear it in the next update.

Thanks! For now, can the zip file be removed with some sort of cleaner app? Also, why can’t my project be imported?

@em2 Apple doesn’t allow apps to import code and they like to be especially strict with Codea. The only reason import doesn’t work well right now is because of their intervention. :frowning:

@Simeon Are you still planning on displaying all the files with their .extensions in the Documents and Dropbox folders. If you do, then it would be possible to delete files we don’t normally see.