A challenge for the ages!

The rules are simple. Make a game, no line limit, no theme, just one simple twist. The game must have the most incoherently obfuscated code possible. The entire games code must look like a monkey pooped words and a game came out. I believe in all of you. Also, no using angles, that’s cheating cuz nobody understands those darned things (that was a joke I’m sure a few of you will get, you can use angles all you want). So yeah, that’s about it. There’s no reward, just thought it might be a fun little challenge for a couple of you. I will announce a winner (if there are any entries) next wednesday (EST), and entries are due by 11:59 (EST) next Tuesday (March 4th). If enough people are interested and request extra time I will push the deadline back as requested. Happy coding! I hope enough people are interested, it’s something I’ve wanted to see for a long time now :slight_smile: