A Bit Off The Wall


I normally don’t get much time to program nowadays but, recently I had a window free and - I thought about Aircode. Then I thought - you can now export Codea projects as zips. Sooo - is it possible to reverse that process. The answer is yes.

I examined a simple zipped project on my Mac and then typed a very basic project with Visual Studio including a main.lua, utils.lua and data.lua (note no code in the latter two) together with an xml plist describing the files an an iconx2.png. zipped it up, transferred to Dropbox then downloaded onto iPad and shared it with Codea. It was read in without any issue. But gave an error on running - no probs a typo - instead of = .

I just miss my proper keyboard.

Visual Studio has a Lua parser available, so I wondered if we could have the Codea parser as an addon for VS.

Again, off the wall but I might play with this a little more.

@Bri_G What would be more ideal here is using a lua language server in VS and some lua stubs representing the Codea APIs. This way the language server can reference the stubs to provide autocomplete etc. while you write your project.

This is probably also something easily implemented by yourself or another member of the community if you see a benefit to it.

If you need any pointers then I’d be happy to lend a hand but I think taking a look at Lua - Visual Studio Marketplace would be a good starting point.

Continuing with your off the wall suggestion though, it guess it could be possible to write a plugin for VS code and a Codea project in Lua to launch a project on the device directly from within VS code :thinking: Maybe an interesting project for another time though…

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@steppers - thanks for the feedback, had a quick look at LVSMP and it may be an option. Your second option would be ideal.

The alternative to this would be for Aircode to run as an editor with a button to transfer the code onto iPad Codea or file. I always thought the problem with Aircode is it’s open link to Codea drops out or fails.

Will report any progress but - don’t expect rapid progress !!!

Well funny you should mention that. @jfperusse has some news to share on that front when he gets back

Haha! Indeed, funny that this is mentionned considering what I’ve been working on in the last weeks. Can’t wait to share about it soon! Going to spend a few hours on it on the plane back home today :crazy_face:


@jfperusse - Any update on your project ? Left some of us drooling a little. Care to share your approach ?

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Hi @Bri_G! I’m hoping to find some time to record a presentation of the new features tomorrow :grimacing: I had quite a busy week with the trip, and the consequences of freezing rain here :sweat_smile: But I can’t wait to share about it!

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Thanks for the reply, no pressure. - I was just intrigued by your post.

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Also very intrigued! Take your time though, no rush :smile:

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Quick update on this, I’ve recorded a sneak peek and we should be able to share it soon. Stay tuned!

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Alright, it’s live! See AirCode 2.0 Sneak Peek

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@jfperusse - wow, that is phenomenal !!!

A real game changer. Loads questions but won’t fire them all in yet, need to rewatch the video a few times, so much to take in.

But -

  • will this run on Mac, PC, Linux ?
  • is the emulator built in, the Apple one or one of the other available packages ?

Thanks for showing this, how long before release ?


Thanks @Bri_G !

  • will this run on Mac, PC, Linux ?

VSCode is available on all those platforms.

  • is the emulator built in, the Apple one or one of the other available packages ?

We’re not releasing an emulator, I’m using Apple’s simulator to simplify the demo, but your projects would running on device.

  • Thanks for showing this, how long before release ?

Good question! We don’t know yet, but I’ll try to share more details about the AirCode 2.0 roadmap :slight_smile:


@jfperusse - thanks for the info, will watch your vid again on the big screen later. Do you need Apple silicon for any of this?

No need for Apple Silicon. VSVode works on both.