8x8 BiColor LED Matrix editor (for raspberry pi)

Here is my little 8x8 LED Matrix editor
Maked for my raspberry pi, but u can also use it as a litte comic story board… You will see it if you press play after you saved many mucons ( that is a icon with my initials)

Codea link Updated 15.06.14 (go online and make mucons for my RPI, onlinemode on and then make and save your mucons, all what u save u send also to my raspberry and he save to his system)

Video link

Video in use link

Hardware: http://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-led-backpack/bi-color-8x8-matrix

Description and Manual on: http://www.tarum.net/codea


very interesting idea an nice realization. Welcome.

Woo that’s great!

@iTarum that is very neat. You have gotten me interested in picking up a raspberry pi now.

@Briarfox : do it, its funny, and with a bit Technic interests very funny, then we can share ideas
Have add the Hardware side , there you can find the led and the python lib and some examples

wait so you can program the raspberry pi board on your codea app?

I creat a mucon, and on the output side u see the ASCII tabel . This i copy and paste it with a ssh terminal app in a python script on my Raspberry Pi

Hi, have update my MuConMaker, now with Online modi, you can see if a other save his mucon, have the php shnipsel from
Thanx @macflyerdk and give me feedback if it work… I am not shure if it do

New version is online.
Need short help and feedback (good or bad) for my online modi
I programm an online modi, with username, an reg it in my side. And will see if it work… Now i am test it for myself, but from her and alone is work all fine. If any have time, pls test online mode and press an “Load other user” other user name is “murat” and layer number is “002”

Hey guys, and ladys
Pls try my muconmaker, and go online, and save mucons, so i can test my raspberrys if he save that also…
I try my first networkprogramming

Pls help me and try