7 Segment LCD numerical display font

There’s a “secret” old-skool LCD numeric font on iOS that doesn’t appear in Codea’s font chooser. Very handy for displaying scores in games and whatnot

textMode(CORNER) font("DB LCD Temp") fontSize(64) w, h = textSize(score) fill(0, 0, 0, 127) text(score, WIDTH-(w+16), HEIGHT-(h+16))

Cool. Thanks.

I didn’t put this one in the font picker because it can’t render itself without looking weird — it’s meant for digital clocks, so numbers and the letters “A”, “M” and “P” render in the LCD style, while everything else renders as system default.

It’s pretty useful. I just couldn’t find a nice way to display it in the picker.

Just display it as “0123456789AMP”

Hey TLL - Sidenote on fonts, import front from URL would be cool :slight_smile:

Good point, @Bortels.