404 - The page you are looking for seems to be missing

Im relatively new to programming and was a bit thrown off when I came across this in the wiki tutorial number 3, just wondering if it could be fixed? Thanks.

Looks like someone updated the Wiki too soon with beta info. I have no clue where it is, but I think that’s a 1.4 feature. Or they might be talking about setContext(). Look up setContext in the reference under “Graphics”. That might help.

Wait… @Simeon - Here are other broken links:
And some other links too. Hope that helps! Not all links are broken.

A lot of what I was looking for in the wiki seems to be broken. I can confirm the links above are broken.

Sorry about this. Not sure how it happened — will have to check the edit history.

Any updates on this one? Wiki links still seem to be broken.

@tommcphail I haven’t had a chance to look into it. But it’s harder than I first thought, as page deletions don’t seem to be tracked as edits, so I can’t see who deleted them or why.

Would be great if we could get this fixed sooner than later…am new to programming and was working through the really helpful tutorials at the weekend, but tried jumping from tutorial 2 to 4 (3 is missing) and found it really difficult.

I’ve been looking through the Git history of the wiki and I don’t believe those files were ever added — that is, I think those sections were added as stubs by users and never written. (@Ipad41001 might know more. I think he has been keeping the Wiki in the best shape he can.)

Edit: apologies for the dud links. I think there was an intention by some users to complete them but it never happened for various reasons.

Thanks for looking into this, hope it gets fixed/added soon as I am eager to get programming. :slight_smile:

So… What’s happening with this? I understand you are busy but I’m basically unable to use this app until its fixed. Thanks.

I know it is not an easy thing to keep current but it is a little frustrating for newbies like myself to go through the tutorials and having to skip a few.

The tuts that can be accessed are very good and I applaud those who have contributed.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Those tutorials were done by users, and placeholders put in for future topics. TLL have put a lot of code examples in Codea, as well the online help plus these forums. It might be worth flagging to everyone that additions and edits to the wiki are welcome.

@Robbie, @Keebo I understand that it’s frustrating. But from what I can tell, the missing tutorials never existed — some users planned to write them but never got around to it.

Thanks for the feedback. I understand now. I didn’t mean to sound like I was expecting something from nothing. Perhaps one day I and a few of the other newer folk will be be able to contribute as well.

Again, thanks for the information that is available.

@Simeon - They were there. I remember. In the iPad specific section there was one article about touches and same in the other sections. I think we should make an effort on the entire forum to keep it up to date and informative for begginers like I once was.

@Zoyt that’s really strange. Thanks for letting me know — the git history of the wiki shows no deleted files, so I assumed they had not been made yet. I wonder how they got deleted.

I’ve done some wiki gardening today, put in a placeholder and removed one extraneous link that had never been written. @zoyt, I do remember there were always some links that did not have any content.

hI @Zoyt, I may have found the touch article you remembered: there are pages under Getting Started as well as a page on Touch from the main page.

Thanks @Fred. Glad to have the Wiki updated.