3D Physics Wobbling

Is there anyway to make a rigidbody wobble around continuously??

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Apply a random x,y force to it. You might have to vary the force if it gets too far away from where you want it.

@dave1707, is there anyway that I can make the rigidbody wobble on an angle as well??

@dave1707, never mind. I figured out what the problem was :slight_smile:

i would love to see what you are working on haha

Do you want sneak peek? :slight_smile:

@Creator27 of course, all your posts have piqued my curiosity

@skar, here’s a sneak peek of my game BeanHalla. Fair warning, it might look a bit unpolished and that’s because the game is still in it early stages of development. Enjoy!