3d Custom UI?

i just discovered some very nice UI concepts by nicolas lopardo http://www.liift.ca/ and i wonder if something similar could be done with codea?

thanks :slight_smile:

Yes futurist UI with sound could be a good challenge for codea talk members

the challenge could be represent in real time futurist UI :

  • fps, memory
  • counter until the end of the contest
  • date, time, moon phase, biorythm
  • x,y,z accelerometer, gps data and world map
  • meteo data
  • futurist sound or not
  • digit sensitive
  • small camera
  • various effects
  • …
  • for sharing don’t use external pictures or sounds
  • inspiration : jarvis, matrix, series…

If you wanted to make the ui fully 3D rather than just 3D-looking, then trying to map 2D touches into 3D space is a pain, but can be done. A 2.5D ui would make a lot more sense.

Nicolas’ UI seems to be just drawings of 3D objects. So you’d be better doing this in Photoshop than Codea.

However, modern UI design has gone away from “realistic” drawings like this, eg speedometers with reflections on the glass, to being very simple and direct (eg current OS and Windows UI), which is in line with modern data visualisation practices - to get rid of the fancy junk, and let the object/data tell its own story without visual distraction.

wrt 3d, or even 2.5D, I’m not sure how that improves on a 2D UI. (If you take charting as a similar example, professionals never use 3D charts).

it simply looks cool i think :slight_smile:

maybe 3d objects that reacts to accelerometer and sounds?

animating 3D objects is tough

Look at this :

hi hpsoft

that look super nice - but i don’t have adobe after effects :frowning:

i can see that nicolas also uses after effects, but it seems that his models are in 3d. but i haven’t seen any animations, so i’m not sure.

well to start with, i just asked if it’s possible to create something similar in codea, because i find his images so cool - but when it comes to realise it, i probably don’t have the time, and i sure don’t have ability.