30 Balls - Version 1.0 Available

Hello all.

I’ve been working on a game I call ‘30 Balls’ for a while now, and having just finished the tutorial I feel it’s ready for the beta testing stage.

The concept for the game is a kind of mashup of a few recent games including Threes.

I’m especially interested in iPhone testers, but iPad are needed too :slight_smile:


(Most lag is caused by the recording, or me holding things for a while)

(If you can’t see the video above, it’s available here)

If you’re interested in helping beta test, please sign up here and leave a comment below


EDIT: Version 1.0.0 is now finished and will be available July 16

EDIT: It’s out! Check it out

@JakAttak I dont have the build yet

So far I have received a request from a ‘Daniel Kane’ - If that was one of you, please comment so I know to include you in the build.


I use an ipad 4 and I don’t have an iPhone

@JakAttak Arithmetic is fun :wink: This would make a great educational app! Keep up the good work.

@Dantheman2001, no problem. I’ve added you to the list for the first build

@Luateee, thanks

I’m daniel kane

@Dantheman2001, I’m waiting until I hopefully get some more testers before I push it out.

Oh ok

I’ve signed up, I found 2048 fun for a short time when it first came out. The video hints at an interesting variation so I’d be interested in seeing how it works.

Hopefully you can work out which is my testflight account without me needing to put my name here … (hint: look at the email address registered on TF)

@LoopSpace, @SkyTheCoder, I cleared my test flight recruits after posting the first message so I will just assume all new ones wish to be included - feel free not to mention your true identity

Just finished up icons and splash screen - it’s ready.

I have sent out the first build for all of you.

Note: Some of you have multiple iPads, I just picked the most updated one. If you want the other one included, let me know.

Things I’m particularly interested in feedback on:

  • Tutorial

    • I designed the tutorial to be impossible to fail and to force you to learn before you can play. Please let me know how it works, if there are any issues, etc.
  • Ease of use

    • Is the UI easily understandable, can you do everything you want to / should be able to?

Of course, comments on anything else are welcome.


It is, hands-down, the coolest 2048-based game I have played. However, it seems sort of easy. Since the balls vanish on touch if there is nothing to merge with, the game can easily be played indefinitely. Also, not sure if this is a bug or meant for beta testing purposes, but when I kill the app and re-launch it, it restarts from the tutorial. The tutorial explains everything perfectly, but maybe you should have more examples of powerballs (like the other types), and not let it be treated like an actual game at the end (finishing and highscore inclusion). The UI is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. It has everything needed for a game like this, and the animations are great. In my opinion, no changes needed here. Overall, it is an AWESOME game with great potential. :smiley:

Oh, and just a thought — see if you can add Game Center integration in Xcode after exporting. That would be awesome.

@Saturn031000, thanks.

  • You could play indefinitely, or at least until the balls come so fast you can’t keep up, but since the score is calculated based on what you have at the end, it would be of no advantage to you.
  • The tutorial showing every time was for my testing, I forgot to change it before sending it out. I fixed it for the next build
  • The rest of the powerballs are included in the ‘Help’ section, but maybe I will add them to the tutorial
  • GameCenter is on the list

Perhaps you could tap and drag to make a line connect two balls to merge them?

@Coder, I think that would make the faster paced game play more difficult, as well as the fact that a ball can merge with multiple balls


@JakAttak Good concept of score calculation. I assumed that every time you merged, your score increased. And now, suggestions. When you hit the pause button, maybe you could have a menu? Like with options for resume, restart, quit, and help. And maybe you could have the ball indicator change color to red as it gets closer to 30? Also, when is the next build coming out? I’ve kind of gotten addicted to the game. :wink:

Oh yeah, and in the credits change it to visit codea.io not twolivesleft.com/codea because the latter is outdated.