$15 Full Screen Iad Banner Objective C Addon Competition

This competition is to help those who don’t completly understand objective C like me. Although there are examples of implementation of banners, I have yet to find an example of a full screen banner Objective C addon. The first person to provide the code nessecary to implement a full screen banner as an Objective C Add On for Codea projects in Xcode wins the $15 prize.


I must be able to successfully implement the code without a problem (I may need help if errors appear, however I know how to implement Objective C add ons so that will likely not be the case). Instructions should be provided. The escape function to close the ad must work to.

Judging will occur August 27, as I will be out of town until then. Judging verifies that you were first, basic instructions are included (ex. This part goes in AppDelegate.h) and that the code works.

The prize will be awarded August 27 through Paypal! Happy Coding!

@austinmccoy can you not implement a full screen banner using @Zoyt’s objective-C addons?

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I could only implement top banners, bottom banners and hide the ads. I don’t think he supported full screen banners.

Quick note: I’m working on the add on, but you do understand that fullscreen iAds only work for iPad. Correct?

Are you sure…this website says otherwise… http://macdailynews.com/2014/05/23/apples-iad-producer-now-supports-full-screen-iphone-ads/

If not, then that is fine.


I may be wrong. But the documentation still says so. I’ll test it out when I get it working. I think I’ve almost got it. Now to just wrestle with the annoying Codea runtime…

You’re right. They need to update their documentation. I’ll file a documentation bug report. Anyways, let me just clean up some code, write a tutorial, eat dinner, then post it. :slight_smile:
Edit: Don’t take my work for this, but I’ve researched this before for StackIt. For some reason, there is nothing online for it. But I think it’s about 30 seconds like the rest of the other iAds. However, what confuses me is that the one full example project that Apple has that includes these ads uses it in a scroll view where users scroll past it quickly, which is probably less than 3 seconds. So I don’t know. You might as on StackOverflow. I’d be interested.

Good luck! Thanks for entering! How long do banners (not full screen ads) have to be on the screen to make an impression?

So, it works for the iPhone? Awesome!

I don’t think it is the same. Ill report back soon.

Sorry, I just noticed that there’s some more I have to do so you can make it dismiss via an “x”. I’m doing it in a way that you can also add all sorts of fancy shenanigans if you know how to use it easily.

Sweet! Yeah, the X is definitly important. Since it can be dismissed immediately I think all the time it needs to to be displayed is around a second. Just a guess for now.

See http://codea.io/talk/discussion/5538/full-screen-iad-code
It was written kind of quickly, so it may not be very feature rich, but there you go. Let me know if there’s any bugs or features you like.
Edit: If I do “win” this competition, if you don’t mind, I’d prefer to have a (virtual) iTunes gift card (since I’m under 18 and don’t own a PayPal account).

Sure thing! Ill have to try it next Monday since im away but as soon as Iv verify it I will give you the itunes card.

Thank you a ton for participating!