1.3.5 soooooooperb

Title says it all !!!


Hoh… To bad it came out the day school started for me again. I would have had so much fun! I think I’ll start going through a lot of the current games making them 3D. And making effects with it will be AWSOME!

Hi Zoyt,

I’m still trying to learn the basics of 3D from first principles, but, as you say this is really awesome. I’ll try everything I do with both systems and see how the compare. Must say the speed of the new routines is excellent. Let us know how you get on.

Is anyone going to update the 3D perspective maze that was raised in an earlier thread?


@Bri_G - Just so you know, the “3D” maze wasn’t actual 3D, but a raycaster (like doom).

You basically cast an arc of rays from the player, and depending on the distance travelled by the rays before they hit a wall, you draw a vertical line on the screen for each ray (with that distance as a factor for its height).



Thanks @Bri_G for the kind words!

I love to have a tool to design 3d Game Prototypes, thanks for the effort! :slight_smile:

@Xavier - Hi Xavier, is a ray caster just another word for ray tracer? I am familiar with those, I used to use POVray to generate 3D graphics for my files at work, with 3D molecules, usually against a chequerboard background plane.
In that case I understood that each pixel was placed on a 2D image of a three dimensional matrix. Not really 3D, in the true sense of the word, but very lifelike.

@Bri_G - Well the underlying concept is the same, you cast rays.
However, raycasting (you will now only see it for teaching purposes) works on a 2D plane, so the numbers or ray you cast is limited to the width of your screen.
Also, when a ray interrupts a wall, you’re usually done.

Raytracing is a way or rendering a 3D scene. For example, with raytracing, when you cast a ray, once it hits a wall, you cast another ray that is either of type reflection, refraction, or shadow from that interception point, etc… It’s very heavy on the CPU.

I’m not very familiar with it however, It would be interesting for me to try and make one…maybe one day :stuck_out_tongue:

As for raycasting optimizations, the ones I know off are implemented using standard code :confused:



Wow @Xavier - Your really good at explaining things. But I’ve has so many ideas for 3D drawing. 3D map maker, 3D racing, cool effects, recreating old games in 3D, etc. Loving it. But @Simeon/TLL, 3D physics would be cool. I’ve looked into a way of combining 2D physics with 3D physics for 3D physics use, but it’s kind of hard. So I did some research and saw Bullet, which looks like the best choice. Find it here. But that can wait.
Edit: Saw the 1.3.7 beta discussion in your comments. +100000000000 for push notifications. Too bad we’re not getting it though. I’ve just assumed it’s unreasonable, but I have some awsome app ideas for that!