1.3.2 beta

Was just thinking about the announced features - for 3D meshes, the lack of any good way to represent lots of binary data is going to be more and more of an issue, because we’re gonna want to use them for modeling…

Also worth thinking about - some built-in way to load object models (.obj or whatever) would be handy. OBJ files, at least, are pretty trivial to do - I’ve coded them in perl (!) in the past.

Consider extending the spritepack metaphor for 3d models as well. Having a spritepack that handled 3d meshes, along with some way to upload/download them (either manually or ideally under program control - here’s hoping that binary stuff will be ok if it’s not “code”) would go a long way toward addressing these sorts of issues.

Agreed @Bortels. That would be a great feature, and like you say, an OBJ loader is simple. We’re just going to add the groundwork for 3D in the next update, we’ll re-focus on it at some point in the future (some time after custom sprite packs).

(By the way, you’ve gotten me addicted to Hero Academy)

LOL, my humblest apologies. I have to limit myself to “play a bunch of turns, the PUT IT AWAY” or I’ll play all day. If you like that one, check out “Uniwar” - same type of play, but science fiction (and, to be fair, not as polished as HA, but still great fun)

By the way, the Hero Academy play model (a “play by mail” type where each goes in turn) is in very large part what I’m interested in sockets for. This is the sort of game that I was talking about that’s neat - and won’t be nearly as good if you’re restricted to local players via bluetooth.