0x1000bd604: ldr w9, [x8, #8] Thread 1 EXC_BAD_ACCESS(code=1, address = 0*70) error?

Is this thread one of codeas, and if it is, why is this called? This is my first app using any of the physic options, and I think this glitch is related to that, but not positive. This message will pop-up as I run my app, freezing the devices screen.

Can you post some code that shows this behaviour?

@Ignatz , thats the problem, since the error is in the c++ for physics, I can’t isolate where in my code this happens. All I know is that it is somewhere in my 1700+ lines of code.

@jrohanian Would this code happen to cause the error?

function setup()
    ball = physics.body(CIRCLE, WIDTH / 20)
    ball.x, ball.y = WIDTH / 2, HEIGHT / 2

    wall = physics.body(EDGE, vec2(WIDTH, 0), vec2(0, 0))

    ball:applyForce(vec2(100, 100))

function draw()

    ellipse(ball.x, ball.y, ball.radius * 2)

function collide(c)


@SkyTheCoder yes it would. Do you know why this is?

@jrohanian I think it might be fixed in the next version.

@jrohanian, you are using 2.1 and the game center addon?

@JakAttak yes, but I removed references to Game Center, and am only using iAd add ons


This is the template I used

@jrohanian, those addons no longer work with 2.1. Replace them with these: http://github.com/twolivesleft/Codea-addons

@JakAttak , is this what is causing my error? Or are you just assuming since I am using an outdated template?

I’m assuming, but either way you will need to use the updated versions