Xcode / Codea Photo library

I’ve compiled my project however, I’m not sure how to find the touch function.

I search for PagesTouched because that calls a function that starts image(CAMERA) and I want users to be able to access photos from their library.

However, when I search for that in Xcode I only see the .lua files and I don’t’ think I can combine the Xcode codes into the .lua so does anyone know where I find the touch functions in Xcode and are they named differently?

I’m not sure what you’re asking. Codea’s touch API, accessed via the touched function, will be in whatever tab you placed it in. Your project tabs will be in the folder ending with .codea

@yojimbo2000 - I think he’s saying he needs to edit the app in Xcode to allow access to the photo library, because Codea doesn’t include that facility, but he doesn’t know how to make Xcode changes to Codea code.

You can’t access the photo library in your own Codea code, just in the Codea editor asset picker.


What ignatz said is what I’m asking.

I googled how to use the photo,library I just don’t understand how to make it on Xcode.

I have a if t.x > self.x … Etc. for the button. I just need it when pressed to access the Photo library and I thought you could only do that through Xcode