Xcode Codea 2.3 Files: Which to Swap?

So normally to update my Xcode project with knew code from Codea I export the project and replace the .codea files in my Xcode project with the new ones from my exported project. But, I don’t think that would use the updated Codea (2.3). So does anyone know which files I need to replace in order to achieve that without undoing a lot of work?

If you have a file named libversion in the root of your Xcode project (you’ll need to view it in finder), then open it in a text editor and change the version number to 2.3.

Also delete the libcodea.a and libtools.a files from your (ProjectName)/Libs folder.

Rebuild the project and Xcode should download the new library.

Though I would recommend re-exporting from Codea and then copying across your addons or whatever other modifications you have made into the newly exported project.

@Simeon I think it worked. It downloaded those two files. Thanks.