Word list for anyone designing word games

Some years ago, I collected what I understood to be the official Scrabble word list, weighing in at over 104,000 words and 850kb.

I’ve now managed to import it into Codea by compressing it in a couple of ways, and expressing it as a long code string of 274kb (which is about the same as a zipfile), and used it to do things like anagrams, finding lists of words that use a set of letters, and solving the 9 letter puzzles you sometimes find in newspapers.

If you are interested in it, let me know. It’s a bit big to post!

Me too

I’m interested!

Best option is to upload the zip to a file host…I recommend using mega.co.nz, then click on the link option and it will give you a download url you can paste.

I’d certainly like to see what it’s like. I have a word game, Scram, that I’m aiming at the App Store (after I finish a couple of other projects), but the word list I’m currently using is only about 74k words.

I should have said it only covers words of 4-9 letters because it was originally collected to solve puzzles with words of that length. I’m sorry if I misled you. But it’s still a lot of words.

Here is my code. I’ll post the original word list tomorrow (it is after midnight here), but it is nearly 1meg uncompressed. My interest was in finding a way to compress it, not in solving word games.


The Words string at the end is seriously long and Codea’s editor doesn’t cope with showing it. I just put that line in its own tab so it was out of the way.

You need to run the GetWords function to decompress the text and return an array of words. This function also requires the split function.

Apart from that, you don’t need any of the other code, although I have roughed out some functions to solve some common word puzzles. (The 9 letter puzzle provides you with mixed up letters for a 9 letter word, one of which is highlighted. You have to find as many words of four or more letters as you can, and all of them have to include the highlighted letter. Each letter can be used once).

Words are here