Willy the adventurer!

Ok, have any of you seen an RPG game where it feels 3D, but it’s 100%2D? No, not like Five Nights At Freddy’s wich uses 3D images, I’m talking about good old 2D adventuring game, well… I have prepared one for Codea. It still has a ton of stuff to add and a few issues, and it’s all kinda jumbled around the Main tab, but I will have it better soon.

[Version 1 has been removed to keep the page small.]

Wow, by Wednesday MDT I should have version 3. I’m rushing a little, but I can code really fast. I won’t try to spoil much, but there is going to be a new place, the mine!

Don’t read on if you don’t want to know what the next update will have.
This is what it will have:

The mine,

Mission logs,

A store,

A new rank,


And a more arranged code section. I created tabs for the different worlds.

There will be more soon!

@code_maker - the screen flickers, because in 3D, if you draw images on top of each other ((ie with the same z value), OpenGL can’t decide which one to draw, and flickers between them. In your case, all the objects are being drawn on top of the the background.

You can avoid this by drawing the background, then moving 1 pixel forward before drawing everything else, like this. It’s just one extra line.

sprite("Planet Cute:Grass Block", 0, 0, 10000,10000)
translate(0,0,1)  --go forward 
--now draw everything else

I had some trouble running your code because of some weird </194> error, but I got it to work, and as Ignatz says, you need to fix the screen flickering by translating everything one pixel forward before each drawing. But I don’t understand why you’re using 3D in the first place, it looks 2D to me. If you meant isometric when you were trying to describe the semi-3D effect, I don’t think you’re doing it right. You need to have actual 3D meshes and a sideways camera angle.

@code_maker - @SkyTheCoder is right about you not needing to do it in 3D. Just use isometric (ie drawn at a 30 degree angle) images like those in the Small World set included with Codea, and 2D is fine. You shouldn’t need meshes in that case.

@Ignatz For true isometric, it is actually 3D, just with orthographic projection and a diagonal camera view. But that would require meshes, and a 2D scene with plain sprites is enough for a basic pseudo-isometric game.

2D with sprites is 1000 times simpler, that’s for sure!

[Version 2 has been deleted, get version 3 of this game at http://codepad.org/EE5fWoZo ]

Really good start! The movement is a bit confusing for me, but still really good start! I like openworld games, reminds me of Skyrim :slight_smile:

ok, here is the new update. This morning before I had to go to school, I added a last minute place, so feel free to tell me if you find Andy bugs.

@CodeaNoob Thanks, so you don’t get the movement confused, you tap the top of your iPad to move up, left to go left, right to go right, and down to go down. You can also double tap on a side of the screen of your iPad and you will run.

The next update will be focused mainly on the player. It will have a player profile with inventory. I might also make a new world called the Ather!

I’ll post a pic of the new version tomarrow. I haven’t worked on it yet because I had to do a lot of homework.

Here is the update news:



Skin switcher-new

THE LONG OVERDUE UPDATE IS HERE! It has names, skins, and a new player GUI! http://codepad.org/ro7ommGJ