Will new ios7 CODEA be able to run on iPad 1?

Do I need to buy an iPad 4 to run the new version of CODEA orcan I limp along on my old,old iPad 1?

Good questions @codingOnNapkins I think we need to buy a new iPad , I think :((
I heve a iPad 1 too

I hope it will be availeble for ipad 1 because no money for a new one

iPad 1 cannot get IOS 7. stopped at IOS 5.1.1.

That doesn’t really answer the question…

the question is, will the iPad 1 be able to run new Codea builds, or is TLL going to deprecate iPad 1 support? It’s certainly possible to build two parallel products - one for older devices and one for newer ones, but would TLL want to go to that effort?

Pleas, pleas, pleas support ipad1!

I’m confused, why can’t the Ipad 1 go to iOS 7? Is it because Apple wants people to buy newer version, or does it have to do with the inner workings of the tablet?

Try an guess… Same reason they didnt want to change the battery? Which is…$$$$$?

of course @Jmv38

@Jmv38 I figured, to bad they won’t even add a “pay to upgrade” thing, I know it would cost more money and time, but quite a big bunch of people have the first generation, and would like to upgrade…

@Prynok: Apple stopped supporting the iPad 1 with iOS 6 (that is, iOS 6 and greater cannot be installed on iPad 1). Part of the reason is that they want you to upgrade, but the other part of the reason is that the iPad 1 simply can’t handle iOS 6 and 7 (for one thing, it only has 256MB of RAM!). Unfortunately, that’s a side effect of the march of progress.

Hopefully TLL will be able to continue to support iPad 1 for at least a bit longer, but eventually that may not be practical, or even possible, anymore.

At least, if you can’t upgrade Codea on an iPad 1, you can still use the outdated version until you could get a new iPad…

Also, Apple introduced a new thing recently which allows users to download older versions of an app if not supported.

Yes? @Zoyt

@Zoyt Does that work for older versions of iOS, too? I have an ancient 2nd gen iPod touch stuck on iOS 4.2.1 that needs to be balanced perfectly or to be pressed very hard to get music in both ears while using headphones. Every App on it is ancient, but it’d be nice if I could at least get new outdated Apps on it.

@Luismi, @SkyTheCoder - I don’t know the details, but you can get some details on it here: http://www.imore.com/app-store-offering-older-versions-ios-apps-leaves-many-unanswered-questions
Apple sent out an email a few weeks ago to developers about it, but I can’t find it.