Why can't Codea export the XCode projects??

I have another app I use that is in the same category as Codea, it is called DevToy, while not as advanced as Codea, it is similar, and this app allows you to export and send your project by email (in Xcode format). Which can then be run on your Mac with Xcode.

Hi @SevenOTwo,

Can’t find the app you mentioned - can you post a link then we can all check it out?



Here: https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/developer-toy/id369714655?mt=8

direct export to XCode is cool but otherwise I think is piece of ****.

This is something we plan to add to Codea soon after 1.5. The current method (Codea-Runtime on Github) is a bit clunky and could definitely do with some streamlining.

@Cabernet I didn’t say it was a functional alternative, but it does have direct export to Xcode. I can’t wait until Codea has this ability… Will definitely be the best option to develop from the iPad!!

. @SevenOTwo - While you wait, you can currently use the Codea runtime, which is pretty good too.
Pop textwrangler with custom lua highlighting, and it’s pretty neat :slight_smile:


I have TextWrangler, what’s involved in setting that up?? And how do you setup Github for exporting? Haven’t seen any options in the app

@SevenOTwo see this tutorial to know how publishing with Codea works now: