Where to begin

Hi, i am very new to this programming thing, so anyone care to show me some tips in my first step adventure :smiley:

Welcome @haqqat

The wiki has some very good resources for starting out - https://bitbucket.org/TwoLivesLeft/core/wiki/FAQ

Also, having a look at the built in demos will give you a flavour of some of the things you can do.

People here are generally happy to answer any questions you have - if you are having a problem coding something, have a go then post the code to the forum - this will tend to get a much better response than questions along the lines of “Can someone code me up a flappy bird clone”

If you are posting code, the use three tildes ~ before and after the code.

Apart from that - have fun!

@haqqat - there are lots of tutorials on the wiki

I wrote a couple of ebooks to help beginners, you will find them at the top of this blog, which I hope will also help you


Have fun, we all enjoy Codea very much!

Thank you guys, appreciate it, feeling excited now, knowing where to start. :-j

Welcome @haqqat! I was (and kind of still am) in your position. Codea can seem daunting at first but stick with it and it really is great fun and very rewarding too. These are the things that have really helped me so far:

– reading Ignatz two ebook a that are available on the wiki. They’re very accessible and won’t take as long to read as you might think. I’ve gone back to them several times already.

– the in-app reference is actually very comprehensive. It may not seem very long but that is because there isn’t that much to learn. You can do an awful lot with just a few commands and almost all of them are listed here!

– the three key parts of any Codea program are ‘function setup()’ which gets the important bits of your program ready, the ‘function draw()’ which draws what’s on the screen 60 times a second, and ‘function touched()’ which checks if the user has touched the screen and responds accordingly. I’m currently realising that writing a good program means putting the right bits of your code in each of these sections.

– finally, download some programs off the forum and try changing bits. If it works, work out why and, if it doesn’t work, also work out why. If stuck, go back to step one…

Good luck!

@Ignatz - please correct if there are any mistakes in the above so that bad habits don’t ensue! :slight_smile: