What's the function for pressure?

Is there some function able to identify the pressure? I couldn’t find anything related to this.

if you mean pressure as in how much force is applied to the screen there are none, but you could detect how long the user holds the screen for

oh… then is there a function to detect how long the screen is held without moviment (or at least the mininum shift)?

No, you’ll have to bake it yourself with ElapsedTime, touch.state == BEGAN, MOVING, ENDED, CANCELLED

thank you for the hint and help, @Jmv38
'm going to work on it very soon.

Maybe extending the Touch class that’s in one of the example projects to have this is a good idea?

My touch class (which should be in the Anagram example project) has some code that does this (or almost does this, I may not understand completely what you’re after). You can read about it at: http://loopspace.mathforge.org/discussion/10/touch-tutorial/.