weird word wrapping in editor

So I’ve been working on my little tank prototype, just learning how things work, and I keep coming across a pretty fundamental problem with word wrapping.

In short, if I am working with the reference sidebar up, the edit area gets pretty narrow. When text starts wrapping in this instance, the cursor isn’t actually drawn in the right spot, and things get really weird.

for example:


this wraps like this:


put the cursor at the beginning of the line and move to the right one space at a time. When you go right 3 spaces, the cursor suddenly jumps to the beginning of the second line. The actual insertion of text goes where you’d expect, but the cursor is drawn in the wrong space.

This seems to be a word wrapping issue, since as soon as I put a space anywhere in the line, the problem goes away.

That problem has been posted several times already. The work around so far has been to keep lines short.

right. adding spaces between parameters or just keeping the lines shorter than the screen width seems to work. I didn’t see it in the list as I was scanning the forum here.