Very strange editor bug

Try to add a } character from the keyboard (not the popup special menu) between the quotes: this systematically kills codea! Ipad1, ios5.1, last beta. This time it shouldn’t be a ‘usefull, documented feature’, but a real bug :wink: .
[ps] the code is not supposed to run, there are syntax errors in it. I was writing when the bug popped up, so i focused on it.

--# Main
-- WindowSave

-- function for saving a windows

function Window:saveToString()
    local lines = {}
    for name,v in pairs(self) do
        if type(v) == "number" then 
    table.insert(lines,"")  -- << trying to add one '}' between those quotes from the keyboard kills codea?,,,

Please, could someone confirm he has the same bug as me? Thanks.

I got the same results. I was also able to do other editing using the double quotes and the curly bracket to cause Codea to crash.

Thanks @Dave1707.
@Simeon is this a behavior to be expected for some reason unknown from me?

I’ve tried printing some text to the screen using the text() syntax and for some reason it wont show but when I replace it with text contained directly in quotation marks it will the only thing that makes it different is it contains concatenated string literals (you know the double bracket?)

To be more clear if I put the text directly in the quotation marks it shows but once I concatenate it with a string made up of concatenated double bracket string literals it disappears.

Likewise if I try to display the string made up of double bracket string literals alone it wont show at all.

update: apparently readProject is what I needed to use not readGlobal
now it shows

.@Jmv38 thank you for finding and reporting this. Will be fixed in the next update.