Ok so now I might be asking for ALOT but I would seriously LOVE the person that answers these for me…
Ok so I’m a noob at this (100%) and I was wondering if people could give me some codes and a quick tutorial… Not asking for a full game just stuff like starting codes, like a basic shooting code and adding sprite movements and stuff… and I would really appreciate some small codes and a quick tutorial to start me up! THANKYOU IF ANYONE WOULD DO THIS I WOULD LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

And tutorials!

See the wiki link above, lots there

And I don’t see why this is so urgent, or why you had to shout :expressionless:

There’s really no need to shout

What wiki link and sorry it’s just urgent, didn’t meet to shout and didn’t really solve problem… :open_mouth:

Oh that wiki gotcha… ^:)^

Oh and I’m reading thee book and it’s really helping thanks! :)>-

search subject starter game

Or how about just looking at the examples in the actual app itself.

Seriously - if you can’t even be bothered to at least run the examples and have a look at the built in documentation - BOTH of which are excellent BTW, then there isn’t anything anyone on the forums can do to help.

Here’s some supplementary examples that you can mess with

function setup()
x = 0
y = HEIGHT/2
x2 = WIDTH/2
y2 = HEIGHT/2   
score = 0
function draw()
  background(0) -- this redraws the background. Everything in codea must be redrawn to stay on the screen. Codea refreshes the screen 60 time a second.
    fill(255, 0, 0, 255) -- sets the color of shapes and text.(shapes like rectangles and circles)
    x = x + 30 -- moves laser across the screen
    sprite("Tyrian Remastered:Bullet Wave B",x,y,20,20) -- draws laser
    sprite("Space Art:UFO",50,y) -- draws UFO
    if x > 1020 then -- check if x has a value then 1020
        x = 0 -- if x is bigger then 1020, x is reset to 0
    if x >= x2 - 50 and x < x2 + 50 and y >= y2 - 50 and y < y2 + 50 then -- checks if laser collides with sphere
        score = score + 1 -- if so, add 1 to score value
        x = 0 -- reset x to 0
    fontSize(100) -- sets the size of the text
    text(score,WIDTH/2,HEIGHT-50) -- this is what I meant by text(It will have the color white).

Also if you have a Dropbox account this links could help.

Thanks Programmer!! :)>-

Your welcome.

Ok I will laser! :-h

Would you, instead of saying URGENT HELP OH NO I’M A NOOB!!!, actually WRITE WHAT YOU NEED HELP WITH in the subject area?!? Thanks!

I think we’ll close this now, the title is pretty distracting and the original question has been dealt with