Undo Bug?

If you run project and go back, you can’t undo more. Why? I have created a problem and I want to undo the mistakes fast. The same happens if you exit your project and open it again or if you take another class and go back - In this 3 cases happens: You can’t undo!

Edit: Maybe @simeon will tell us why that happens?

@TokOut - this is not a bug. It may be a limitation, but I can certainly live with it.

Why don’t you get back to learning Codea and do less complaining.

I do, but I just reported this bug

It is NOT a bug!

Hey @Ignatz -


+1 again

@TokOut This is how we feel sometimes.

Lol, is it animated with Codea?

Edit: Sorry @dave1707 but I have to laugh for thus animation. @TechDojo, is it you?

@TokOut - no but I’ve been there many many times! :slight_smile: