Under the Sea Sprite pack

Wow. I had been working on this for a while. It was a hassle, but I thought it would be awesome, so I did. It has a fair amount of the stuff you need to make a game placed under the sea. I still have more stuff to add, but that’s on the chopping block right now for when I’m not around my iPad. Most of these graphics were made with the iPad version of Intaglio and Inkpad and did the final touches on Intaglio for Mac. Check it out here. There are instructions on how to install it here. If you make anything with this, please LMK. @Simeon - Please feel free to include this in Codea. No need to give me giant credits. And about the icon on the retina display, I didn’t know what size to make it, so I set the icon to 110x110, but included the 220x220 size. Want the SVG or Intaglio file? Just LMK. And this is all done from scratch. Ideas for new graphics? Ideas for new sprite packs? Just LMK.

Here’s a few screenshots:

Very nice - you did the graphics? Better than I could do, by a longshot…

@Bortels - From scratch, some traced from line drawings, but that’s only the crab and shark. Thanks by the way.

Well done Mr. Zoyt!


I downloadet it too. Well done! I definately Need to Programm an underwater Game after finishing my Space Game. Thank you!

Great graphics

Thanks guys!

How about playing card sprite pack? :slight_smile:

You can read my mind @bee. In fact, I was already working on a domino/playing card one. A few cards in to it.

@bee and everyone else: Here’s a little preview of my next sprite pack. It will tell you all about the cards, dominoes and everything else in my plans. It also has a little preview of a few of the cards. Check it out!

And, yes. If you’re curious, it’s entirely from scratch. Some of it on an iPad.

Status update: onto the Jack, Queen, and King. Everything else is done for the cards. And their pretty.

On the subject of playing card sprites, following the custom sprite functionality added in version 1.4 of Codea, I found these SVG playing card images, released under the GNU Lesser General Public Licence 3.0. The whole-pack SVG file can be quickly converted into individual PNG files by, for example, using the Selection batch Export Bitmap function of Inkscape if you first Select All.

@mpilgrem - Thanks! I think I’ll use those as my royal cards. My first few attempts to create those looked like dinosaurs with retarded long rattlesnakes in their hands, so I set it aside for later. I’ll release them as soon as possible.

" My first few attempts to create those looked like dinosaurs with retarded long rattlesnakes in their hands"

Lol - That’s awesome in its own way :slight_smile:

Hi @Zoyt, it seems that the Under the Sea Sprite Pack is no more available ? Any more chance to get it ?

@yelnats Oh. Sorry about that. I’ve had some server updates recently, and I noticed nobody used my Codea website, so I took it down along with that on accident. I’ll put it back up when my servers are running properly again. I also have a playing card pack I haven’t had a chance to upload either.

Hi @Zoyt, sorry to bore you about your Under the Sea Sprite Pack, but any news ?