tween.delay is nil [WORKAROUNDED]

“tween.delay” is listed in the Codea docs, but it shows up as nil in the runtime. That means I have to use “tween.delay(time,parent,sameValues as before)”. If this could be fixed, that’d be great.

That’s odd, tween.delay seems to be working as expected here:

print( tween.delay )
=> function: 0x1812f630

tween.delay( 3.0, function() print(“Test”) end )
– prints “Test” after three seconds

@Simeon - I’m using the exported version of my app on 1.5.3, if that makes a difference.

@Zoyt ah I see. Thanks for the report — that’s definitely a bug. I’ll fix it for 1.5.4.

Note: Workaround for now is to implement tween.delay in your project, here’s the code:

function tween.delay(duration, callback, ...)
    local t = {}
    return tween(duration, t, {}, tween.easing.linear, callback, ...)