I’m very new to code, and have completed the wiki tutorials and am starting into find out bits and bats. I have had some valuable help on this forum, especially from @dave1707 which is always appreciated.

My question is as anyone ever written a breakdown of any of the preset projects within codea explaining every line of code. I feel this would be a big help to understand code better. Take dungeon roller as an example I’d love to know what every line meant, it would help explain a lot of questions. To a newbie it’s all letters and numbers and I feel an explanation of each line would also help alot with the layout of projects and where to use tabs when nessasary.

@thebugel I think something that would probably help you even more is if you took a simple program and did a breakdown on each line of code. You would get the experience of looking at the online manual and reading the explanation for the commands you see. Then by putting it into your own words as a comment, you would get a better understanding of what’s happening for each line of code. I’m not suggesting that you stop asking for help, but I think doing this would help you better than someone else doing the comments. When you run into something you can’t figure out, then you can post the line or lines that are giving you trouble. As always, we’re here to help.

I agree with @dave1707 but did you look at my lander example as suggested last time you asked a similar question?


It’s pretty much a breakdown line by line

Somewhere there is a page with some explanations of some of the built in projects, but I can’t remember where.

however, i don’t think we should include demo projects in Codea unless they demonstrate something useful and are explained sufficiently that someone with appropriate skills (most often, a relative newbie, but not always, thinking of shaders) can follow the logic and adapt the code for themselves. At the moment, several demo projects are either too brief (shaders) or too complex (roller coaster) for users to make any sense of.

I agree with Ignatz. I think Codea should include things similar to those interactive tutorials someone made on how to make a 3D earth. Anyways, @Simeon - Can you sticky my tutorial thread or something similar to it please?

Are there any decent idiot proof tutorials on if, then, else, elseif etc…I feel I’m understanding quite a lot up to now however this area confuses the hell out of me. I’ve followed all tutorials suggested but it doesn’t seem to be sinking in…

Search the internet for Lua if test

There’s a wiki page for explanations of the examples: https://bitbucket.org/TwoLivesLeft/core/wiki/CodeaExampleProjects.

I thought I’d gone through the Roller Coaster code with comments and posted it somewhere, but I can’t find it now. @Ignatz, was it in a message to you?

Ah, I’d written it but I don’t appear to have posted it. It’s at http://loopspace.mathforge.org/discussion/29/roller-coaster. I think I hadn’t posted it before because I don’t seem to have finished commenting on all the code, but I’ll finish that another time now.

@Andrew_Stacey…this what i get when i click on the link…

This page contains the following errors:

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Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.

@thebugel What browser and OS? It’s fine with FF22.0 and latest Chrome on a Mac.