Transitions from one state to another

Right now, my app (Flood+) doesn’t have any transitions when going from one state from another. I’m using Finite State Machines used in @Reefwing’s tutorials. It would be really great to have class that could handle things like that. Does any one know how I would get started by doing such a thing? I just want a simple transition like fading in. It would also be cool to have more advanced ones like the text and elements sliding in.

Wait for 1.5. You’ll be surprised…

.@Jmv38 why? Is there anything specific just for transitions?

There will be a ‘‘tween’’ library allowing some fancy effects (webkit style transition if you know javascript), so wait for it before developping something.

You can also find and use the existing tween library that’s on the forums as a workaround…you still need to control when things are ‘fully faded in’, but it is possible.

If we knew when 1.5 was released, it could help you decide which course of action to take.

In my app I’ve gotten some effects like scoring and explosions to occur inline, and I start the app with a fade effect without using the tween library; I has the screen used ElapsedTime and a startTime user defined variable to work around it quickly

Hey everyone :). When I was experimenting a while ago I built a delicious menu screen, with transitions for every state. One slide pushed another off the screen. It was ridiculously simple, and worked like a charm. I have lost the code though…

You can do a fade in effect fairly easily at the moment (

You could also probably do something fancy with shaders (e.g ripple transition) when v1.5 comes out. It is a BIG update but lots of code changes does introduce lots of bugs so it is taking a little while to finalise.