Three finger tap - not resolved?

I have came across the same issue as described in issue tracker #88. For example when you open the multi-touch demo and tap the screen with three fingers the circles will remain for half a second. With one, two or 4 finger taps the circles will disappear as soon as the fingers are lifted. This happens on my device in every screen mode, including the ones with the buttons, while the issue is marked as resolved in 2012 (the special triple tap is said to be disabled if buttons are visible).

Is this a regression, or is it something pertaining to my device (ipad 2)?

With Multi gestures turned off in Settings>General, a three finger tap still results with the 3 circles remaining on the screen for half a second in Codea version 2.0 . If I turn Multi gestures on, the 3 circles remain for half a second and 4 circles remain on the screen forever. So it appears there is no change from previous versions.

In fact, a three finger triple tap remains forever.

I have never seen evidence that this was fixed. This is a frustrating bug. It’s pretty much impossible to prototype/implement a game that needs more than 2 simultaneous touches, which makes multitouch much less useful, on a device that allows up to 11 touches :confused:

If it’s caused by the triple tap 3-finger gesture recognition for exiting FULLSCREEN_NO_BUTTONS mode, I would much rather eliminate that feature (and require the programmer to manually exit) than have multitouch be so crippled.

I agree with toadkick - my ideas for some rapid pace multitouch games are now blocked by this behavior.

So, as the bug still persists, can we expect a fix in Codea? Like a configurable option to disable the triple tap (and its associated multitouch delay) completely.

I only managed to just overcome this in my building game by removing all touches after the third touch and having a callback for it, it stops you from touching for about half a second. It would be great if it was fixed!