Theme-a-week Challenge

Since my ‘50 Line Challenge’ was popular, I thought I’d make another, but this one is with a twist to keep it interesting :wink:

Rule 1) There is no line limit

Rule 2) Must be creative and original

Rule 3) It must match the theme

Rule 4) Have Fun! :slight_smile:

The concept is simple, I (or a randomly selected forum user) will post a new theme every week, and you have a week after the theme is announced to create something matching that theme. Again, like the 50 Line challenge, this is for fun and not for prizes.

The official time zone is GMT - 7:00
(Tell me if I did that wrong, I’m not good with Time Zones)

EDIT: Time Extensions are availible, but standards will be raised if used

@CodeaNoob this seems like a good brain exercise! But it would be good for people to keep the code as small and as clean as possible because 1) they’re weekly. 2) you want new people to be able to learn from it. I like the weekly theme idea as well as long as you have some good themes to do!

Theme a week? I’d be lucky to make something in six months. I’d be happy to throw in some theme ideas though :wink:

@Tyson don’t worry you’d be surprised how quick you pick things up when you try out many different ideas, coding a 100 line game in a week will be easy as making a cup of coffee when you get the know how different ideas fit together and the code puzzle behind it! You’ll be at 100 in a day before you know it ~O)

The worlds most popular free app right now is ‘Flappy Bird’ a game thats known to cause anger and frustration, even though its perfectly fair. (i swear I didn’t hit that pipe though!) So thats this weeks theme: Anger, but Fair.

Who knows, maybe you will make the next ‘Flappy Bird’ or ‘Flappy Plane’?

I like a daily theme, it might help when I want to code but have no idea what I want to code! I think a theme a week might be more realistic.

@CodeaNoob yeah I was already thinking about how much more fun flappy bird would be with things like upgrades etc… :wink:
And now you gave me a reason to start such a thing…
Tho idk if I’ll have time to code

LOL. A few days ago I had just made a Flappy Birds replica to show my friend how little work they put into it.

A Flappy Bird clone could likely could be done in about an hour.

@JakAttak - I did mine in 30 minutes. :smiley:

Haha I’m not surprised. I was adding in the time it takes to steal mario graphics. :wink:

The actual flappy bird has < 100 lines of code

@CodeaNoob, I doubt that…

If you believe my buddy, that is

@JakAttak and @CodeaNoob - 108 lines of code in mine, excluding the timer library and including comments and excess lines, so it’s probably about 80 lines. :slight_smile:

Can you post your flappy bird replica? I was wondering how to do it. @Zoyt

Well real flappy bird also has advertisements, leaderboards.

@Andrewsimpson4 - I might as well post it for this competition. Let me go dig into the FlappyBirds.ipa, steal all their assets, post them on my server, and enable my app to download them. :slight_smile:

Well, looks like any games made here might actually have competition. :smiley:

I’m heartbroken…