Testing something weird ...

Can someone upload a music file to their dropbox and name it Amaze2.m4a

And see if the sound will play in Codea using music() … Now rename to Amaze3.m4a

If it’s only doing it on mine that would be pretty strange … Sounds strange anyways :slight_smile:

@escape75 @Simeon, I can’t believe it myself, but I can confirm that Amaze2.m4a plays in the asset viewer but not in project, while Amaze3.m4a will play in project. Weird bug…

Lol, yeah weird eh … That’s exactly what my music() topic was about

I thought it had to do with encoding, etc., but it’s something with the filename

Ok Codea 2.01 - setContext3d and fix music() issue please :slight_smile: