Is it potable to do tcpip programming with Codea? Also, is it possible to connect to and use Bluetooth seial port?

@Chrisbot http networking will be coming in version 1.4. But not raw socket access. As for your second question, I think Bluetooth on iPad doesn’t support a serial interface.

Hi Simeon: when do you think there will be support for raw socket access for both UDP & TCP? Thanks!

probably never.

They had it in a prior beta - I wrote some code using it. The Codea event model (a draw() loop) is a poor fit for normal socket programming, frankly - it’s hard or impossible to make certain types of things happen, and even the “simple stuff” isn’t simple. With http.get (which can also POST and do other RESTful things) coming down the pipe, I suspect the demand for the other bits won’t be as high as the demand for other features (GLSL!), and I was THE original cheerleader/fanboi for “give us sockets!” (to the point of being annoying, I suspect. I know I was annoyed with me.)

(Aside: I did not like the async nature of the upcoming http.get() call at first. Now that I have used it, and can compare it with how it was doing raw sockets, I was wrong - TLL’s implementation is the right way to go, for sure. There’s some shenanigans to mess with, but it’s far easier than it was with raw sockets, and it’s made necessary by the event model…)

Also - if Codea could do an accept on a socket, it would be fairly easy to do things that would REALLY piss Apple off (or the cell vendors, really) like writing a tethering app, or other forms of abuse. http.get is a very reasonable compromise, in that we get 95% of what is useful, and it’s still reasonably likely to pass muster with Apple.

Yes - this means local wifi peer-to-peer is still unobtainium. There has been talk about the bluetooth gaming ios features, which would fill that gap nicely I’d imagine.