Straight question

I’m sorry to bring this up again, cuz I’ve seen some Talks about this but I never got a clear answer, even from the FAQ.

Is it possible to develop an app using codea and then put it in AppStore for other ppl to buy?
And what is the procedure after its a project in x-code (i assume its still in Lua after i export it to x-code)?
will Apple allow a none Objectiive-C app?

I’ve seen answers that talked about making a native app, does this mean that you can’t publish it?

sorry for the mess, i asked a lot of questions just so you can tell what is the image of this issue in my mind.

All of the answers I’ve seen on the topic seem clear enough, but I’ll reiterate. Yes, you can publish your app on the app store. Yes, the code is still Lua code. Yes, Apple will allow a non-Objective-C app. First, you have to have a developer account with Apple and grab the iOS SDK. Then, grab the Codea backend from . Copy your Lua files and assets over from Codea, et voila! You are ready to publish your app on the app store.

wasn’t clear to me, sorry…
You’ve been very helpful and i thank you very much!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: