Stickman ragdoll surfer

Hi all, my original plan was to actually take part in the game jam but having to organise a wedding for August has put me behind in all my Codea activities. Instead I’ve decided to just put what I first created on the forum so its useable. I also have a slight problem with the code where I average the wave points to the edge of the board created a bump or a dent in the wave.

The code is below, it’s messy but I’ll clean it up, document it and put a video up.

The game is using my old Ragdoll code for the player.


That’s an amazing concept @Luatee, would love to see it taken to completion.

Pretty cool!

favorite, exciting sport, although i couldnt surf

@Simeon Thanks! I’m trying to finish Aedifico too, but I think this won’t be too big a game. I’m thinking of making the waves come higher and faster to increase difficulty (I’m doing this now, works to make a difficult game).

Thanks @firewolf and @joelhoro, I’ve updated parts and will have something documented and shared later tonight.

Well done @Luatee that looks amazing.

That looks awesome. And I’m really curious about how you did the water! (Heavy bouncy metaballs perhaps?)

Edit: didn’t see the code link! Ok let’s have a look

@techdojo thanks it’s coming along quickly so it shouldn’t be too long before its on the App Store.

@yojimbo2000 I was as you can probably see sort of averaging the points between the existing and the board but I’ve changed it ever so slightly to give better results.

Added hail to make the gameplay harder, will post a video shortly. Scoring next!

@Luatee - looks great

@West thanks!

Hail added this morning, getting a very challenging feel to it. Skip to 00:50 seconds to see hail.

Nice work @Luatee - haven’t seen anything like this before. I think with a bit of polish you could be onto a winner here.

Whats your FPS/performance looking like? Just curious. :smiley:

Nice little game! I would make the game move much faster so the surfer is jumping from wave to wave, kind of like the game Tiny Wings. Maybe getting chased by a big tsunami or something.

that’'s a cool surfer dude…maybe add some sharks to the mix

@luatee incredible how realistic is your ragdoll movement =D>

@andymac3d Well I was very curious about if I could even get it to work. Now the thing is I’m running 150 raycasts from the floor up. Not all at once but within a distance of 120 pixels to the board’s position so we’re looking at around just under 20 raycasts at a time.

I’m still hitting 60fps fortunately so there’s plenty of room for additions such as the hail, which makes the game more challenging. I’m thinking of staying with the stickman theme but spruce it up a bit where I can. Thanks for the compliments :slight_smile:

@Crumble I thought about this last night as I have tried coming up with a way to create a wave jumping to wave gameplay, it’s looking promising at the moment is all I can say, but if it doesn’t get there I’m sure I have enough legroom to make it very enjoyable!

@piinthesky thanks, I’ve thought about sharks attacking if you go too close to the left or right edges of the screen, still thinking about how I can achieve it right now using the ragdoll physics.

@Jmv38 Thank you! It’s not perfect though, it works from head down movement, the feet don’t reciprocate unfortunately but that’s the way the code is. Feel free to use it as you like, it’s quite adaptable :wink:

how about adding sunshine beach bikini

Very cool! Fun to play, running at 30FPS on my iPad mini.

@Luatee Cool concept. I think the waves should move faster the closer you get to the forward edge of the screen. That way you can move at your own pace. Sea monsters could provide motivation to speed up if you lag behind.

@Goatboy76 That’s a good idea, I thought about using the joystick as a means of dropping back and forth. It’s quite difficult to get the waves and player to move ‘faster’ when neither of them are really doing any movement. The movement of the waves comes from sin() in the y position in the parts.pos variable.

@JakAttak I think that has to do with the GPU capabilities unfortunately, setting the mesh vertices every frame isn’t great. I had another version using addRect and setRect but then your wave is made of bars.

@Luatee What if the waves positionaly never moved and the surfer always had a minimum forward movemnt to give the illusion that waves were moving underneth you when the player isnt pushing forward. You generate the waves as they enter view and there you can control their height.

I don’t fully understand hows it works so mabye all this just sounds stupid.