Spriter for Codea

Has anybody successfully converted the Spriter importer for Codea?

I had a go porting https://github.com/capmar/spriter-love2d , but too green to get there myself.


Looks, interesting, TBH i’m not that good myself but i’ll give it a go (if i get time)

Awesome. Good luck. I’ll keep trying too. This tool would be amazing :smiley:

There is an importer for spine http://esotericsoftware.com/ I’m having trouble finding the forum post but it’s up on Codea Community.

Excellent, found it and got it running, thank you very much! Im a games animator trying to learn to code so this is a big incentive :slight_smile:

Could you link the post?



@billydb thanks, I’ll make sure to favorite it this time.