Socket linked wireless controller support via Codea?

There’s this app that Microsoft released its called Smart Glass

It’s an app that turns a mobile device or tablet into a wireless controller for an Xbox 360/Xbox One console. Thing is there’s no inbetween external bridge aside from the driver in the app.

Since its an app that allows this. I was wondering if something like it could be made in Codea but in reverse: so that wireless controllers could be used with a running Codea based game/project.

Its an app that allows Smart Glass to work the way it does and there is an iTunes version of Smart glass. I’ve used it and it works.

Microsoft did not make Apple’s tablets but they(Microsoft) did make the code in the Smart Glass App. What would it take codewise to get a wireless game console controller to be read by and used with a running Codea project.

I know that sockets would have to be used somewhere in the framework.

@QMG It would be a really cool project to try to use codea to make the iPad a wireless controller. And I believe doing that is possible. Your question, however, is getting a wireless controller to work with codea, and I don’t think that that could be done. The reason for this is that I don’t think Apple allows codea to have such low level access to the iPad, also from what I have seen/read Lua is not the best language when it comes to interfacing with hardware. I can’t answer your question definitively, but I am pretty sure that the answer is no :frowning:

Smart glass just connects the Xbox to the iPad, the controller doesn’t get involved in it. I guess if you had a WiFi controller (do those exist?) To connect to your ipad maybe you could do something, otherwise unless we get a Bluetooth api so we could support Bluetooth controllers there’s no way I can think of to connect them (esp if your talking about Xbox)

If you really wanted to, I suspect it would be possible to have the iPad interface with an Arduino and a web server shield/module along with some clever coding via sockets, which in turn could be used to create a controller of sorts. This would be hard but probably doable. Same goes even more so for a Raspberry Pi.