Small Bug in 1.3 Documentation [Answered]

Small bug:

Selecting physics.body (under ‘Related’) in the CIRCLE constant documentation does nothing. Repeated pressing of physics.body results in the back button becoming (or appearing to be) unresponsive for the same number of presses.

Also the help entry for the physics shape type ‘CHAIN’ contains the help for the shape type ‘EDGE’, which does not have an entry.

Thanks for reporting these documentation bugs. Can you put them on the issue tracker? We’ll fix them.


@Simeon: would you be able to publish the corrections at while we wait for the 1.3.1 update?

@Nat No problem, I’ll do that. Will let you know when it’s up.

The latest version is there now, @Nat

@Simeon - Another bug that’s been there all this time is when hare displaying code, the text doesn’t wrap. Some code is cut off.

  The latest version is there now, @Nat

@Simeon This helps me as well (esp. difference between CHAIN and EDGE and other physics constants). Thanks!