Side Scroller best way to make character jump

Hey all, sorry if this is repetative but im learning as I go along.

What is the best way to make my character jump. I’m using a mesh for my character and I am currently using tween to move the character on the y axis. Is this a good method or are there better ways to accomplish this? I am planning on using the mesh for sprite animation on the jump as well as adding collision detction if that has any relevence.


There is no “best” way. Solutions will depend on your game. Is the ground always the same level? Is the jump height always the same (eg tap to jump) or variable (for example the longer you hold the jump control then the higher the jump) or can you double jump? Is the character controlled by a realistic gravity or will it move up and down at constant speed? Will you be able to change x direction while jumping?

Very good questions West. I now feel that I asked my question prematurly. I’ll come back when I can be a little more specific.