Shorten a code

Can I shorten the fallowing code using tables or anything like that
d1,d2,d3… All are physics bodies with info “d1”,“d2”,“d3”…

if == "d1" or == "d1" then
        d1.y = HEIGHT/2 + 100
if == "d2" or == "d2" then
        d2.y = HEIGHT/2 + 100
if == "d3" or == "d3" then
        d3.y = HEIGHT/2 + 100
-- goes on for ten bodies

I tried using this but it didn’t work

for i =1,10 do
If == "d[i]" or == "d[i]" then
        d[i].y = HEIGHT/2 + 100

The bodies keep on moving, don’t return to height/2 + 100

instead of “d[i]”, use “d”…i

What should I use instead of ‘d[i].y = height/2 + 100’ cause its giving an error attempt to index global d( a nil value). Btw all the “d’s” are from a class called droppers so actual code is
“d[i].droppers.y = height/2 + 100”, if that would make a difference.

The reason you’re getting an error with d is that it isn’t defined as a table

In setup, you should say d={}, and then instead of defining d1, d2, etc as physics bodies, use d[1], d[2].

You should still store the info as d1, d2, etc as you are doing now, but you need to change

If == "d[i]" or == "d[i]" then

it should be “d”…i not “d[i]”

Thanks!! Understood so it is that if you want to use ‘for i = …’ We have to use a table right