How do I share a code?

sign up in and send your project to, then copy the link of your posterous page and post it here :wink:

As an FYI that feature may not be available in the next version. We would then fallback to github, pastebin, or the like.

To share code from within the app, you can touch-and-hold on one of your projects and choose “Send by Email.”

How do I add SOUND_BLIT to this code so that when touched it makes the BLIT noise?

if CurrentTouch.state == BEGAN then sound(SOUND_BLIT) end

It depends how you want it to work but this is one way.


How do I delete a class?

Assuming you mean a tab - press and hold the tab at the top for a menu. (you can have multiple classes in a tab, or tabs that aren’t classes)

I’m guessing that you can’t delete Main tab.

If you delete the main, then nothing would happen. There would be no way to call other classes.